Cricket Coaching Aids

Cricket Coaching Aids

If you’re looking for cricket coaching aids, Keith Dudgeon has everything you need. We have a complete range of training aids, DVDs, books, and other useful coaching aids for you, including a full suite of theoretical and practical on field solutions for training.


Our Coaching Aids

Our big range of coaching aids caters for the juniors and the experienced players. This range covers cricket training needs of individual players and teams at all levels.

Our huge selection of coaching aids includes: Nets, Stumps, Gloves, Batting aids, Training media, Balls, Personal training needs, Cricket bats for kids, Training and technique bats, Practice balls, Targets, Batting tees, Catching ramps, Reaction balls, Bowling aids, Ball carry bags, Agility ladders, and more.


Product Selection and Comparing Your choices

We recommend that you compare your choices in each type of coaching aid. Some new products have new features which are highly productive for coaching purposes. There are also many new products coming on the market, both new products from top brands and new innovations. It’s worth evaluating these products in terms of your coaching needs. 

Cricket Bowling Machines Sidearm Australia Cricket Batting Aids

Cricket Coaching Balls & Bowling Aids Eye-In

Cricket Multi Coloured Plastic Gear Cricket Rebound  & Backing Nets Cricket Field Position Markers

Plastic Safety Stumps Set 3 & Bails


Plastic Flex Safety Stumps Set 3 & Bails Set 3 Plastic stumps & bails New style heavy rubber saftey base. Stumps... More

Aussie Ball


Aussie Rubber Safety Cricket ball Aussie rubber saftey ball with cricket seam.  As used in Woolworths Cricket Blast Program ... More

Aussie Stumps


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Aussie Plastic Cricket Stumps 1 set of 3 aussie plastic stumps & base.  Light and easy to manage.  Perfect for the nets,... More

Aussie Plastic Bails


Aussie Cricket Plastic Bails Aussie cricket stump plastic bails set of 2.   More

Aussie Personal Kit


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$84.00   $75.00

Home Ground Multi Net



PVC Springback Stump


Springback Cricket PVC Target Stump Springs back in any direction Excellent for accuracy throwing Lightweight ... More

Barrier Net - Large



Aussie Club Kit


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Aussie Plastic Club Cricket Kit Kit includes: 2 Bats 6 Balls 2 small tees 2 sets of stumps with base... More

Home Ground FS5 Batting Net


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The 'new version' Home Ground FS5 Batting Net is the perfect item to maximize your practice at home. The Home Ground FS5 Batting... More

Home Ground GS5 Batting Net


$349.00   $335.00
Home Ground GS5 Batting Net New and improved version! Ideal for backyard play Great for keeeping balls from entering your... More

Paceman Auto Feeder Base


$75.00   $70.00
Paceman Auto Feeder Base Automatic feeder base section which includes powercord to be pluged into your Paceman machine.  This section holds... More