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Str8bat Cricket Batting Sensor


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World’s Best Cricket Bat Sensor str8bat
Now with bonus 1 year subscription of the Str8 Bat App
  • str8bat is a feather-light pocket-sized cricket bat sensor with a quick and easy setup process
  • The sensor attaches easily to the back of your bat and is barely perceptible.
  • The setup process takes less than 4 seconds.
  • To set up the sensor first, unbox it, then use the stencil provided in the box to apply the velcro sticker to your bat.
  • Activate the sensor and then attach it to the bat sticker - You're all set to ace the game!
  • To activate the sensor you must lightly whip it. Attach it to the bat sticker after that. Open the str8bat cricket app on your phone and sync the sensor with the app - The str8bat cricket bat sensor and the str8bat cricket app connect wirelessly through Bluetooth.
  • The str8bat sensor has unlimited cloud storage, allowing you to record as many batting sessions as you want, and play as many shots as you like!
  • str8bat creates a 360-degree 3D view of every shot you play.
  • Buy one str8bat sensor and share it with as many friends as you want.
The str8bat cricket bat sensor is a lightweight, pocket-sized motion sensor that gives you instant, visual and actionable insights into your batting. Get 360-degree 3D replays of your shots, your wagon wheel, bat lift angle, your sweet spot percentage, timing index and much more. Play better with str8bat cricket bat sensor!
Data, data, data = Knowledge, knowledge knowledge
Instant, actionable insights is the name of the game with the str8bat sensor and app. Using str8bat you get
In-Depth Analysis of your batting metrics.
One month of subscription free with the sensor.
One sensor can be used by multiple players.
Wireless data transfer between str8bat sensor and app.
Unlimited data storage that can be accessed wherever you want. 
Share your batting metrics with your friends and coaches!
The str8bat sensor’s innovative features like instant and easy setup process, feather-light weight, real-time data tracking, unlimited cloud storage, 360 degrees 3D rendering, have been loved and appreciated worldwide. From domestic cricket, international players in T20 premier league, state level cricketers, grassroot players and club players across India, Australia, UK and South Africa are reaping the benefits of this batting-enhancing technology.
When a batter uses the proper batting technique and practices it frequently, he develops muscle memory that gives him the advantage of hitting a good shot effortlessly.
By practicing using the str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor, cricketers can develop this required muscle memory. Not only this but while using str8bat a batter also acquires good power-hitting skills and gets more control of his batting. This leads to a boost in confidence and the batter does not hit or miss a shot as frequently.
You can have str8bat cricket bat sensor that provides you with instant, visual and actionable insights on your batting at a very affordable price. The str8bat sensor not only gives you a report card on your batting, but also gives you levers to improve your game!
With str8bat you get two powerful tools to bat like a million bucks.
A lightweight pocket size sensor on the back of your bat. 
A str8bat cricket app on your smartphone.
Using str8bat cricket app you can access data on your Bat Speed, Impact Speed, Sweet Spot, Back lift Angle, Impact Pitch Map, Wagon Wheel, and much more! Most importantly, view your bat path for every shot you play – 360 degree 3D replays! Get in-depth analysis of your data, trends and insights with subscription as low as AUD 6 per month per player.