Cricket Bowling Machines

Cricket Bowling Machines

Selecting a good cricket bowling machine is a real labour of love. Many cricketers have strong feelings about bowling machine quality and reliability, and demand perfection.

You need to be a good trainer, and a good cricketer, to know exactly what you want and the sort of performance you need from one of these machines. We know how important the performance factor is, and Keith Dudgeon has a brilliant range of the latest machines on the market for you.


Our Cricket Bowling Machine Range

Our range includes top quality, top brand machines from leading manufacturers like: Atec, Paceman, Burner & more.

This range of bowling machines is a true smorgasbord of quality, and includes all accessories and replacement parts.  We strongly recommend to our customers to explore the technical and performance specifications on machines. It’s important to make an accurate comparison of both performance and output.

Please note that our bowling machines offer a considerable range of bowling speeds and bowling choices. Your choices of machine will depend on your training needs. If you’re looking for a machine for junior training, obviously you’ll need a kid-safe machine with lower speeds. For seniors, a high-powered machine is a good option, delivering real challenges and very effective batting practice choices. (One of our machines can bowl at 150 kph!)

You may prefer a mix of good basic batting practice choices, and a challenging machine to build skills and performance. See the product specifications for each machine, and ask our bowling machine experts if you’d like to explore your choice in more detail. 

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Paceman Auto Feeder Base


$75.00   $70.00
Paceman Auto Feeder Base Automatic feeder base section which includes powercord to be pluged into your Paceman machine.  This section holds... More

Paceman Auto Feeder - Extension


Paceman Auto Feeder Extension Automatic feeder extension section which attaches to base section or add on to current extension.  Maximum... More

Atec Optic Bowling Machine Ball


Atec Optic Bowling Machine Ball Hardness - 4/10 Diameter - 71.10mm Weight - 136 grams Performance - Medium... More

Atec Casey Bowling Machine Wheel - Original


Original Atec Casey replacement bowling machine wheel - New Suit Atec Casey 3G & Atec Casey Pro

Atec Casey Bowling Machine Wheel - Refurbished


Original Atec Casey rim re-rubbered with high wear rubber compound in Australia.  Re balanced and ready to bolt on and use. Suit Atec Casey 3G &... More

Paceman Pro X2 Automatic Feeder


Paceman Pro X2 Automatic Feeder Automatic feeder for a Paceman Pro X2 machine Easily attaches to machine Conveniently plugs... More

Gray Nicolls Bowling Machine Ball


Gray Nicolls Bowling Machine Ball Hardness - 7/10 Bat Friendly - Yes Diameter - 73.30mm Weight - 145 grams... More

Atec Casey M2 Cricket Bowling Machine


Atec Casey M2 Cricket Bowling Machine   Product Features Compatible with all cricket bowling machine balls... More

Kookaburra Bowling Machine Ball

CODE: CBk996

Kookaburra Bowling Machine Ball Hardness - 6.5/10 Bat Friendly - Yes Diameter - 72.30mm Weight - 138 grams... More

Burner Bowling Machine Wheel


Original replacement wheel for the Burner Bowling Machine  Suit Burner & Burner Pro Machines

Burner Pro Cricket Bowling Machine


Burner Pro Cricket Bowling Machine Lightweight 240volt, great value bowling machine. The Burner Pro has an added safety of covered wheels fitted... More

Burner Feeder