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Sidearm Club


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Sidearm Club

The Sidearm Club is designed spefically for the Junior and social cricketer. Extremely easy to use and can be mastered by most people within a few minutes. With a softer flex and easy release, the Sidearm Club™ is perfect for parents and junior coaches working with young teenages and below. The Sidearm Club™ has been specifically designed to throw lighter cricket practice balls such as incrediballs or windballs for junior practice, as well as full weight cricket balls. A brilliant tool for building confidence and repetition of technique, a must for any coaching kit.

In the Beginning:
· Use your normal throwing action
· Don’t try to throw it too hard
· Keep your throwing arm as high and straight as possible
· Never throw to a batsmen without the ability to throw accurately
Once Mastered:
· Turn the Sidearm in your hand 90 degrees each way to impart leg/off spin.
· Turn the Sidearm in your hand 180 degrees to impart top spin
· Turn the Sidearm in your hand during your ‘wind-up’ to fool the batsmen with slower ball variations
· Vary the angle of your wrist to swing and seam a new ball
Fielding Drills:
· Launch the ball into the outfield with accuracy and ease for long catching/fielding drills.
· Provide fast flat infield catching/fielding practise
· Use off a catching board for brilliant wicket keeping/slips practise