Cricket Bat Weight Reduction


Price: $110.00

Sometimes when we buy a bat, we tend to do so with adrenaline coursing through our veins, and our emotions taking control. We might see a Steve Smith (New Balance) or a Chris Lynn (Gray Nicolls) bat that has a cracking middle and the perfect shape, but there's just one problem - it's too heavy for us. Now we're stuck with this beautiful bat that we just can't lift as easily as we'd like to, and all we want is for our pride and joy to be just a little bit lighter. Enter Keith Dudgeon Cricket Specialists!

Our Cricket Bat Weight Reduction service includes:

     - Establishing your preferences (your ideal bat weight)

     - Removal of Extra-Tec, stickers and residue (where applicable)

     - Sanding of all sides, however weight is removed from the back

     - Close monitoring of weight until manageable goal is reached

     - Application of KD stickers (optional - no cost)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does this process take?

A: Please allow approximately 5 business days from when we receive your bat for this process to be completed.


Q: Will I get to keep the same shape and profile of my bat?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. Each bat is different, and it is all dependant how your bat is balanced. However, a general "rule of thumb" is that if you are wanting anymore than 2 ounces of weight removed, there will be a change in the bat's shape.


Q: Does this process include Extra-Tec being put on afterwards?

A: This process does not include fitting of Extra-Tec. This is an additional $15 (normally $25 standalone) when purchased in conjunction with a Cricket Bat Weight Reduction. 


Q: Do the current stickers stay on the bat?

A: As mentioned above, this process requires us to remove the stickers so that we can evenly distribute the new weight.


Q: Is it possible to have new Gray Nicolls/New Balance/Kookaburra/etc stickers put on instead of KD stickers?

A: Unfortunately, the well-known companies do not allow us to re-sell their stickers, as counterfeit bats (with their stickers on them) have been used in the past. Therefore, the companies decided to stop the re-sale of their stickers in order to eliminate this counterfeiting issue.


If you would like to send a bat to us for a repair or service, click the link below.