Old Extra-Tec Replacement


Price: $70.00

Cricket bats are uncannily similar to cars - they aren't indestructible, but there are ways in which we can prolong the life of them. Replacing old Extra-Tec can be referred to as the "oil change" of owning a cricket bat, and should be done annually (ideally just prior to the start of the cricket season). Just like a car service however, this "Re-Tec" process is not guaranteed to prevent the bat from splitting or cracking, but will ultimately reduce the likelihood of this damage occurring, or the severity if it does.

It is also important to remember that even though timber may have been oiled in the past, it does not mean further maintenance is no longer required. The properties of Willow reflect this, as the timber will begin to split if oil is not replenished after drying out. At Keith Dudgeon Cricket Specialist, we offer a "full logbook service" for a cricket bat - in the form of our Old Extra-Tec Replacement service. 

This process includes:

     - Removal of old Extra-Tec from the face

     - Removal of glue residue and cleaning of the face

     - Glueing of small surface cracks (where applicable)

     - Rejuvenation of the face (via sanding and buffing)

     - Re-oiling of the bat

     - Fitting of a new sheet of Extra-Tec

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does this process take?

A: Please allow approximately 5 business days from when we receive your bat for this process to be completed.


Q: Do the current stickers stay on the bat?

A: Yes. We do not remove the stickers during this process, and will look exactly as you left them once the process is complete.


Q: Is it possible to replace my old Gray Nicolls/New Balance/Kookaburra/etc stickers with new ones?

A: Unfortunately, the well-known companies do not allow us to re-sell their stickers, as counterfeit bats (with their stickers on them) have been used in the past. Therefore, the companies decided to stop the re-sale of their stickers in order to eliminate this counterfeiting issue.


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