Gray Nicolls Silver Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Silver Bat


Price: $775.00

Gray Nicolls Silver Cricket Bat

New for season 2018/19.  Handcrafted in Australia from the finest Players willow by the same craftsmen that produce all GRAY-NICOLLS first-class players’ bats, Silver has unrivalled balance and performance and is the perfect choice for players who strive for that extra something special.

• Handcrafted from the finest Players English willow
• Natural finish
• Made in Australia

Mid profile
Even bow
Light pickup
Large edges
POWERCURVE face enhances the feel of stroke play
12 piece cane handle

This bat requires oiling and preparation before use.  If you would like us to take care of this for you we provide a Complete Bat Preparation service which can be added to your purchase.  It is also highly recommended that extra tec is applied to your bat once oiled and prepared properly, this will give the bat extra protection and also make it maintenance free for approx. 12 months. 

A drop box has been provided above for you to conveniently add these services if you would like to take care of this process for you.