Gunn & Moore (GM) Cricket Bats

Gunn & Moore (GM) is a famous English brand of bats. Founded in 1885, this brand is still popular today with some of the world’s best. The Gunn and Moore range shown here are the latest bats on the market. We have an excellent assortment of these fabulous bats in a great range of prices for such a well-known and much-loved brand.

Gunn and Moore bats are specially selected for their reliability, performance and precision. Whether you’re an expert batsman or a keen learner, you’ll love the feel and power of a Gunn and Moore cricket bat. 

Top batsmen around the world love Gunn & Moore bats.  We offer a great selection of these well proven, brilliant G&M bats to deliver a full range of choices for batsmen looking for the ideal bat. 


GM Bat Choices and Selection Options

The GM range includes a great selection of bats for serious cricket players and weekend warriors, aspiring juniors and batting geniuses. Choose between Jordan Silk, Jake Ball and Travis Head’s Mana bats or Cory Anderson’s Paragon, or our other classic bats. 

Gunn & Moore Neon Cricket Bats Australia  


G&M Neon Original (NOW) Cricket Bat


G&M Neon Original Cricket Bat Superior unbleached Grade 1 English Willow G&M Now - Pre Prepared and Extra Tec'd,... More

G&M Zelos 909 Cricket Bat


G&M Zelos 909 Cricket Bat Superior unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow Top quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle... More