KD Centaur 6000 Cricket Bats
  • KD Centaur 6000 Cricket Bats

KD Centaur 6000 Bat


Price: $535.00

KD Centaur 6000 Adult Cricket Bat

The KD Centaur 'Series 4' cricket bat has massive edges, a mid-high sweet-spot, and a duck-billed toe. The thick edges and relatively full back provides a wide and long sweet spot, while the duck-billed toe enables a lightweight pickup. The handle is made of a reinforced Sarawak cane, plus cork & rubber to allow for more flex and to provide an unbelievable feel. The overall profile of this bat is ideal for the players who are dominant with the vertical bat strokes. Each KD Centaur cricket bat comes with a red/black/silver Penta grip.

Bat Attributes:

Willow: 1st Grade Natural English Willow

Edges: Large, 35mm - 40mm

Blade style: Slightly bowed

Bat profile: Mid-high profile

Bat shape: Duck-billed toe with slight scalloping across the back

Handle: Oval shape, Sarawak cane/cork/rubber


"Maximum Driving Power"


This bat requires oiling and preparation before use.  If you would like us to take care of this for you we provide a Complete Bat Preparation service which can be added to your purchase.  It is also highly recommended that extra tec is applied to your bat once oiled and prepared properly, this will give the bat extra protection and also make it maintenance free for approx. 12 months. 

A drop box has been provided above for you to conveniently add these services if you would like to take care of this process for you.