KD Griffin 2000 Senior Cricket Bat
  • KD Griffin 2000 Senior Cricket Bat

KD Griffin 2000 Bat


Price: $90.00

KD Griffin 2000 Cricket Bat

The KD Griffin 'Series 4' cricket bat has large edges to provide maximum power and a wider sweet spot. Its handle is made of a reinforced cork/rubber handle to allow for more flex and provides an unbelievable feel. Has a traditional high middle with straight form toe for outstanding pick up and balance. All KD Griffin 2000 cricket bats come fitted with a 'Players' bat grip.
The Griffin 2000 is conveniently pre-prepared with Extra-Tec, which means you can use it straight off the shelf.

Bat Attributes:

Willow: Kashmir Willow w/ Extra-Tec

Edges: Large - 33mm - 38mm

Blade style: Slightly bowed

Bat profile: Traditional, high middle

Bat shape: Scalloped back for lightweight pickup

Handle: Oval shape, Sarawak cane/double rubber

"Power and Balance".