G&M Diamond 303 Cricket Bat Australia
  • G&M Diamond 303 Cricket Bat Australia

G&M Diamond 303 Cricket Bat


Price: $169.00

G&M Diamond 303 Junior Cricket Bat

Featuring a shorter-than-traditional blade length and boasting a large sweet spot, the Gunn & Moore Diamond allows for unparalleled ball-striking confidence. The shorter blade length also provides fantastic balance, creating a perfect pick up and feel. The mid swell position, traditional full blade profile and flowing contoured spine combine to show off a smooth and well-rounded bat profile - ideal for dynamic stroke-makers.

Bat Attributes:

Willow: Pre-prepared, Seasoned Grade 4 English Willow w/ Extra-Tec

Edges: Average

Blade style: Slightly bowed

Bat profile: Mid profile

Bat shape: Full back and contoured spine for all-round performance

Handle: Traditional round shape, triple spring and mutli-piece cane


Available in sizes:

Harrow - SOLD OUT
Size 6 
Size 5 - SOLD OUT


Gunn & Moore conveniently pre-prepare their bats, and protect them with Extra-Tec (G&M Now! process). This means you can use all G&M bats straight off the shelf.