Sticky Wicky All Rounder

Sticky Wicky All Rounder


Price: $105.00

Sticky Wicky All Rounder

Transform your backyard cricket game!  STICKY WICKY ALL ROUNDER is the ultimate outdoor family game. It is a full back stop with sticky stumps and sticky balls. An ALL ROUNDER comes with a bat and 3 balls. Assembly is only required once, after that, roll it out and set it up – 2 minutes!  

Patented design promotes lots of cricket - gathers balls and no stumps to reset.

  • Creates focus and encourages accuracy - engaging and fun!
  • Bowling practice is easy with this portable wicket keeper.
  • Replaces the need for a keeper so now two people can play backyard cricket.
  • Sticky hook material on the stumps end all arguments –’If it sticks, you’re out!’
  • Our games are easily portable - set up in minutes and pack up in seconds.
  • In the backyard, at the club or at school, promotes good fun & good practice.


banner with hook patch– 3400mm x 1200mm (1 pc)

  • bottom pole pieces with spiked feet – 500mm (4pcs)
  • top pole pieces with a hole in the top – 700mm (4pcs)
  • pole joiner (4pcs)
  • ground pegs – 50mm (4pcs)
  • ground pegs – 175mm (6pcs)
  • ropes with ground pegs attached (6pcs)
  • STICKY WICKY ball (3pcs)
  • STICKY WICKY bat (1pc)
  • carry bag (1pc)
  • weight - 4.5 kg
  • dimensions - 81 x 16 x 16 cm