Masuri Helmet Pro Foam
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Masuri Pro Comfort Foam (VS ELITE & TEST HELMETS)


Price: $29.00

Masuri Helmet - Pro Comform Replacement Foam (VS ELITE & VS TEST HELMETS ONLY)

Replacement foam for the Masuri inner helmet shell

Premium internal padding offering increased impact absorption for elite cricketers suitable for a VS Elite and VS Test Series helmets only!

When a player is batting, his, or her head is vulnerable to the severe impact of a cricket ball. Designed and developed in the UK by Masuri Applied Technologies, Pro-Foams increases impact absorption by moderating and more evenly distributing the impact from a ball.

Pro-Foams are a specially formulated, high-performance open-cell foam that is designed to absorb a greater amount of the energy transmitted from the impact of a cricket ball. This state-of-the-art technology provides advanced impact protection and comfort for the elite cricketer. Contouring, memory-like foam provides a more comfortable fit. Engineered with breathable, open-cell technology and treated with Microban Antimicrobial Protection to help prevent the growth of bacteria that causes odours.

Available Sizes:
Extra Thick