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Date added: 01 Nov 2023 How a Bowling Machine Can Improve Your Batting Skills

Cricket Bowling Machines

They may be the bane of many batsmen, but bowling machines are important for improving your technique. Here’s why:



Unless you can afford to pay Glenn McGrath to bowl to you in the nets all day, a bowling machine is the only way to have a ball put in the same place as many times as you like. With consistency comes ‘muscle memory’ and soon you will be able to react to a bowler’s placement without even thinking about it. This allows you to pay more attention to other important aspects of batting, like noticing field placements. As any coach will know, over-training bowlers is a serious risk. A bowling machine allows for problem batting areas to be worked out without causing bowlers to overdo themselves. On this same note, because bowler’s tire and machines don’t, the fitness gained by consistent bowling machine training will give a batsman an advantage during the long innings.


Stroke Playing

If you are trying to practice a particular stroke, like a cover drive for instance; a bowling machine can drill you until you’re guiding balls to the boundary like Mike Hussey. Coordination and timing require drilling and lots of it. A bowling machine allows you to take your development into your own hands. Matthew Hayden famously practiced his sweeping against bowling machines and practice bowlers in the nets for countless hours. He turned what had been a weakness in his game to one of his strengths, up there with his straight drives. Learning new strokes is another feature of a bowling machine. Difficult strokes to practice, like hook shots, are easily deployed from a bowling machine.



You can have the best technique in the world but without footwork, a bowler can pin you down. Practicing back-foot work is particularly hard. Short pitched balls are notoriously hard to place for bowlers and inaccuracy endangers the batsman. Being able to set the machine for accurate short-pitched balls allows for easy practice of back foot play. You’ll be hooking like ‘Punter’ and late-cutting like Steve Smith before you know it.


Bowling Machine Advances

Bowling machines have advanced exponentially in recent years. Long gone are the days of single speed tee-up machines. Newer models like The Burner Pro Cricket Bowling Machine can replicate almost any bowling style or quirk, from changes in line and length, to spin and swing (both in and out). These adjustments also mean that a single machine can be used for players of all levels. As you advance through the grades you can always stay one step ahead of your competition. Nothing puts a batsman at ease than having the time to play their shots. 


A Whole New Level of Backyard Cricket 

The quality of ‘home’ ground battling nets and bowling machines means that even the thinnest of backyards can be perfect for long practice net sessions. Cricket is a game of patience and endurance and being able to practice at home is a huge advantage.


Cricket Nets and bowling machines are fantastic training tools, perfect for a team session, or an individual in their own backyard. See your local cricket specialist for the best-tailored advice and products.

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