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Looking at taking your game to the next level, you are going to need protective equipment that has the highest level of protection, lightweight and most importantly is comfortable.  Take a look at the 'KD LEGEND' range of personal protective equipment.


Firstly you will need a set of batting pads to give you the confidence to get in behind the ball.  As is the case with all KD brand equipment the KD Legend Batting Pads are of the highest quality.  The protection level is of First Class standard, they are lightweight and extremely comfortable.  A combination of cane, high & low density foam, plastizote plates and high quality PU.  A unique extra for this pad is the removable forefoot tongue that allows you to customize the position where the pads sits.  

Check out the video review:


No question about it everyone loves a nice comfortable batting glove, these KD Legend Batting Gloves are the most popular in the KD range for obvious reasons.  There has been no stone left unturned with these amazing gloves, multi section split fingers for flexibility, super high density foam with plastizote plates in every section.  Soft fill foam on the back of the hand for comfort and bonus protection, 4 section side bar flex protection to cover that random blow that can really hurt, textured kangaroon leather palm double overlay in main wear areas and backed by a built in batting inner to complete an ingeniuos desing by Keith Dudgeon himself.   

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Smart cricketers know that the extra options for personal protection are crucial for confidence, the KD Personal Protection Range covers all extra bases needed.  The range includes a blend of high and soft density faom, medial plates and 50mm top quality towel straps with super grip velcro for ultimate security. The whole range is backed with towel lining for comfort and sweat absorption.   

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Not to be forgotten KD have designed a great lightweight wicket keeping pad.  The KD Legend Wicket Keeping Pads was inspired by Adam Gilchrists deire to ceate a pad that was more similar to a large soccer shin gaurd allowing for quick dynamic movements when rushing back and forth to the stumps.  A blend of high and low density foam with a triple section shin bolster gives the pad the protection you need with a true custom mould and shape to your leg.  50mm padded straps with super grip velcro for a secure grip.     

Check out the video review:





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