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Date added: 01 Nov 2017 New MCC bat size regulations

MCC has announced specific limitations on the size of cricket bats that will be included in the new Code of Laws.

  • Bat size limitations to become Law.
  • New Code of Laws will be the first to be issued since 2000. 

After the new Code is issued on 1 October 2017, the maximum dimensions of a cricket bat will be:

  • 108mm in width
  • 67mm in depth
  • 40mm edges

The move comes after consultations with bat manufacturers, the Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations, International Cricket Council, MCC World Cricket committee, umpires’ associations and other global governing bodies on the balance between bat and ball.

A cricket bat gauge will ensure that the new limits are adhered to in the professional game, whilst a moratorium period, allowing players to use their existing bats which may be in breach of the Law, will be allowed in the amateur game.

The length of the moratorium will be determined by local governing bodies and may vary for different levels of cricket.