Cricket Personal Padding

Personal Cricket Padding, Protectors and Guards

Pro cricketers are very fussy about their protection. Personal cricket padding, protectors and guards are the most important cricket gear for any serious cricketer. Quality protection gear can be the difference between a minor bump and a serious hit from a ball.


Our Range of Cricket Padding, Protectors and Guards

We have the very latest protection on the market, including the famous Shock Doctor and Aero ranges of advanced protection. We strongly recommend customers take a careful look at each product in our range and examine and compare the various protective features.

This is particularly important for younger players who may not be familiar with the latest equipment coming on the market. If you’re buying your first pro-level equipment, it’s a big step up from the amateur level. You can learn a lot of useful information about best practice protection and get a good idea of the sort of gear the professionals use.


Buying Protective Gear for a Team?

If you’re looking for any kind of cricket gear for a team, we have some good news for you. Our top quality protective gear is very budget friendly, as well as high-end pro standard equipment. Compare our range and consider your budget options.

We can also help you with fittings, appropriate protection for different age groups, male and female protective gear, and more. We can also assist with spare gear, and useful additional team gear like first aid kits and all the other essentials.

Cricket Thigh Guards Cricket Arm Guard Cricket Chest Guard

Cricket Inner Thigh Guard Cricket Protector Box Aero Protective All in one

Shock Doctor Cricket Protection and Garments Cricket Fielders Guards  




Cricket Protector Standard Cricket Protector Toughened plastic for protection Padded sides for comfort Sizes:... More

Players Protector - Curved


Players Curved Cricket Protector Comfortable sculptured design Padded edges for ultimate comfort Toughened plastic for... More

Shock Doctor - Compression Short


$85.00   $79.00

Shock Doctor - Jock Strap



Shock Doctor - Female Protector



KD Legend Chest Guard


KD Legend Chest Guard Test quality HDF chest guard Panel moulded for body shaping comfort fit Ultra grip... More

Fielders Shin Guards


Fielders Cricket Shin Guards Shin guards designed to allow improved mobility for close in fielding positions. Comfortable strong high density... More

Female Protector


Cricket Protector - Female Female protector Similar shape as male version but flat Hard plastic for protection... More

Shock Doctor - Bio Flex Protector


Shock Doctor - Bio Flex Cricket Protector Shock Doctor's BioFlex cup provides superior protection and comfort. Featuring an ergonomic... More

KD Legend Inner Thigh Guard


KD Legend Inner Thigh Guard Towel lined lightweight tri-density moulded foam use at any level of cricket Towel... More

KD Grandes 5000 Inner Thigh Guard


KD Grandes 5000 Inner Thigh Guard Towel lined lightweight tri-density moulded foam for use at any level of cricket. Towel lined elastic strap.... More

KD Legend Thigh Guard


KD Legend Cricket Thigh Guard Pad Attributes : Test Quality high density foam Towel Lined Medial plate inserted between outer high... More