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Date added: 01 May 2018 Top 10 Cricket Catches of All Time

Classic Catches! What two words could sound the anticipation of an approaching summer! Here’s a countdown of the top 10 cricket catches from some of the best fielders of all time.


10. Mark Waugh vs Pakistan

Mark Waugh took some excellent catches in the slips during his career. This one is no exception. Well, actually it is because the ball was past him! He was fielding at slip and basically caught it at 3rd Man! Reflexes Junior! With eye-speed like that, Junior must practice on the rebound net in his sleep.


9. Dwayne Bravo vs Australia

More like Bravo, Dwayne! Caught and Bowled! This classic catch catches out Shane Warne and Warnie doesn’t usually go easy! Bravo dives hard and fast to his left without even finishing his bowling motion. He could have bowled with a reaction ball and still snatched that.


8. Adam Lynt & Aaron Finch

These types of catches have been dominating highlight reels over the last decade. In this English County match between Lancashire and Yorkshire, Lynt and Finch were fielding at long-off and long-on respectively. When Smith slogged one straight over the bowler's head, it was on for 6 for all money. That is until Lynt jumped from inside the boundary to snatch the ball from the air. He then tossed it back into play (still airborne) for Finch to catch in his lap like a pancake.


7. Bevan Small & Michael Mason

What double act could top Lynt and Finch? Small and Mason’s classic catch in the New Zealand domestic Twenty/20 competition did. Not only was it spectacular, but he was 12th Man! Stop it Bevan!


6. Keiron Pollard vs Australia

It takes something special to upstage the Glen ‘Big Show’ Maxwell – enter Keiron Pollard. The 6ft 6 inch West Indian takes a ridiculous number of catches on the boundary, but this one is straight lunacy!


5. Ricky Ponting vs Sri Lanka

‘Punter’ was by far and away one of the best fielders of all time. He took this absolute screamer to dismiss Russel Arnold in only the 2nd over of the game. Having to run backwards from his position at mid-off, Ponting threw one arm up above his head and dived backwards to stun the crowd. It must be hard living your life with superglue hands.


4. Glenn McGrath vs England

Is there anything ‘Pidge’ can’t do? – Well, there's batting of course, but who cares when he can do things in the outfield like this!


3. Jonty Rhodes vs Australia

To be honest, this list could easily be full of Rhodes catches. The man was a freak. He could catch a cold in the Maldives. Hayden doesn’t just hit balls; he smashes them – and this ball had a tail like a comet before Rhodes stuck his hand out. Ridiculous!


2. Paul Collingwood vs Australia

Collingwood was an immensely talented fielder. Hayden is dismissed here in an almost mirror display to his Jonty Rhodes dismissal. His reaction said it all.


1. Cash Money

Cricket is a spectator sport and this punter takes an absolute stunner. One handed, fading away, sliding down the grassy hill. If his date isn’t impressed by that she must be an astronaut. He earned himself a pretty penny too but by God, make that man Prime Minister. He’s got the agility of Achilles and the composure of Churchill.


Those are our top 10 classic catches of all time. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below. To take catches like a pro for yourself, check out our coaching aids and training aids online.