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Date added: 05 Jan 2017 Your Guide to Cricket Bat Sizing

Choosing the right size cricket bat is a vitally important part of a young cricketer’s growth. If a bat is not suited to a junior cricketer they might find themselves needlessly struggling and becoming disgruntled. At Keith Dudgeon Cricket Specialist in Brisbane, we aim to help every young cricketer enjoy the game to its full potential. With that in mind, here is our helpful guide to choosing the right sized cricket bat.  

Cricket Bat Sizes


Why Are There Different Sizes of Bats?

Bat size changes for several reasons and the first and most obvious one is to suit the height of the player. Of course, this also means that a young player will change bat size as they grow older. Player preference is also important. Different bats have different weights and designs and they feel different. A player will prefer certain sizes to others. Finally, there is style. Certain size bats compliment particular playing styles, for instance, a shorter bat with a longer handle is suited to a big hitting player.  



Is There a Big Variance in Length?

Between the ages of 4-13, there are 6 stages of bat size. Size 1 for ages 4-5, Size 2 for 6-7 etc. These are just approximated guidelines. If you're not sure what size bat your child should use, come into our Brisbane store and ask a specialist.



Is the Weight Important?

Yes, weight matters too. You don’t want a young developing player using a bat that is too heavy for them. Once a player has a steady technique and style, different weights of bat are important for other reasons. Batsmen who look for boundaries tend to use heavier bats, with thick edges and a big face. Batsmen who score their runs by working the ball for ones and twos prefer lighter bats as they have to run between creases more often.  



Does This Mean I Will Have to Buy Multiple Bats?

Yes and no. It very much depends on the individual. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a bat, including age, growth rate and strength. A cricket specialist at Keith Dudgeon will be able to help you choose a bat that’s perfectly suited for a junior to use and also grow into.  



Can Cricket Bats Be Used As Hand-Me-Downs?

A good cricket bat is the perfect hand-me-down item. A high quality cricket bat from a trusted brand such as Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, G&M, or New Balance will last for a long time. However, it is important to take care of your equipment. Properly knocking in your bats or having a complete bat preparation will ensure your bat lasts down the line.  


Choosing the right size bat is integral to your development as a cricketer. Come into our Brisbane store, or visit us online to find the perfect bat for you or your youngster.