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Date added: 02 Oct 2017 How to Design and Build Your Own Cricket Net

If you have always wanted to have your own cricket nets installed in the comfort of your home, now you can. Designing and building your own nets will ensure you get in much needed batting and bowling practise during the off-season. Let’s get straight into it!

Cricket Nets Australia


What You’ll Need

Building a cricket net doesn’t need to take up much space or cost a fortune. At Keith Dudgeon, we have all your cricket needs at great prices. To build the ultimate cricket net in your backyard, you will need the following: 


Portable Practise Nets

Our practise netting comes in different shapes and styles to suit your needs.


Pop up Nets

Practise anytime, anywhere, with a pop up net. Ideal for small backyards and parks, our home ground multi net has a fibreglass frame that won’t rust. If you have the space, our home ground GS5 batting net will allow you to keep practising.


Home Wicket Construction

If you have a larger property and really want to enjoy the benefits of a cricket net, we can help. Our home wicket constructions come in all shapes and sizes.

Whether you want the area to be converted to a full practise area or just for batting practise, Keith Dudgeon can either construct the wicket from scratch, or supply you with all the essential materials. You can choose from wire mesh fencing, soft mesh netting or fully fly net coverage.


Synthetic Grass

Keith Dudgeon is a leading supplier of Centura cricket grass. It has been specifically designed to withstand the Australian climate and is used to replicate actual cricket ovals. The turf lock backing system is saturated with rubber latex, which allows all stitching to be double sealed.


Portable Cricket Pitch

You don’t have to be Kevin Mitchell Jr. to curate a pitch in your backyard. A portable cricket pitch can replicate playing the playing conditions of local level cricket.  Keith Dudgeon supplies Flicx portable cricket pitches as they are low maintenance and require minimum preparation. The interlocking tile construction helps improve both batting and bowling and won’t deteriorate.


Marking Paint

Marking paint is an inexpensive purchase when creating your own cricket net. It is an essential make up to the anatomy of a pitch, and is used by the ICC in all matches. Just remember, only use this paint to mark out lines on synthetic grass, not on turf surfaces. 


Chain Wire Construction

Not a necessity, but a preventative measure. You have spent good money building and installing a cricket pitch. The last thing you need is for unwanted guests coming in and making a mess. A chain wire construction will ensure birds won’t make their way into your nets.


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